Summary of the Anakainōsis program contract

Program guarantees

An original book of 200-400 pages will be written for you to professional standards.

  • You'll receive a Masterpiece Edition of the book - of style and substance similar to these conceptual renditions - made to last 200 years.
  • The digital edition of your book may be uploaded to the Arweave permanent content storage blockchain for 200 years of digital safekeeping.

You'll receive coaching and consultation on an expansive range of topics related to health, longevity, and personal growth over the 6-months of the program.

  • You'll receive a personalized longevity blueprint.
  • Your program will begin with four deep-dive discovery conversations.

You will receive 6-months of follow-up coaching and consulting; including

  • Shorter calls on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Email or text messaging support as needed
  • Monitoring of your progress with a habit-tracking app

In-person coaching, the four discovery conversations and some additional consultation, may be done in person with Jonathan Roseland person in Bulgaria for the Lean and Edge pricing options. In-person coaching may be done at the location of your choice with the Limitless pricing option.

For the Edge and Limitless program pricing options, you'll receive

  • Whole genome genetic analysis along with helpful interpretation of your results
  • A 1-year supply of the Nootropic stack - Caballo

For the Limitless program pricing option, you'll receive calls, coaching, consultations with, and analysis from a wider team of experts.

Our team will endeavor to provide a best-in-class experience serving your health, longevity, and legacy.


A payment, either the full amount or a monthly payment, is required to start the program. If you select the 6-month payment plan option an invoice will be sent on the first of the month which will be due in 10 business days.

Refund policy

You may cancel or suspend your Anakainōsis program at any time, if done within 30 days of the first payment (either the full amount or the monthly payment) made you can request a refund, and the entire amount it will be processed within 30 business days (minus 5% for bank fees).

Your privacy is paramount

Your personal details are absolutely confidential and will be kept private.

Any private or sensitive information that you share with the consulting team at any point will be deleted upon your request.

Any details you share with the consulting team to better serve you may be marked as confidential and they will NOT appear in your Anakainōsis book or elsewhere.

With your permission

We would like to create a copy of your Anakainōsis book for the private Limitless Mindset library.

We would like to use images of your Anakainōsis book and some passages from it as marketing material.

Upon completion of the program and your book, a thorough written or video testimonial from you about your experience.

Your participation, upon completion of the program and not more than twice a year, assisting in interviewing future potential clients of the Anakainōsis program.


It's ultimately your choice to take action on the advice and coaching provided in the program, so you'll agree to indemnify or legally "hold harmless" the team members consulting you in any future event.


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