Genotyping-Informed Individualized Full-Spectrum Antifragility Strategy


Whole genome sequencing of your 30,000 unique genes is a cornerstone of the Anakainōsis process and the guidance you'll receive from our team of experts. This sequencing will yield surprising insights into virtually every domain of life where you strive for excellence, impact, and meaning that leaves a legacy.

How it works

Step 1: Send a spit sample for sequencing

In the first month of the program, you'll receive (free worldwide shipping included) a genotyping kit from our partner (or the genotyping service of your preference).

Perform a painless mouth swab and send it back to the lab for processing and analysis.

Step 2: Receive your whole genome analysis

1-3 months later you'll receive one of the most exciting and eagerly anticipated emails of your life with access to your individualized genotype-informed health smartphone report 500
What's included...
100% of your genome sequenced (All 30,000 genes + All chromosomes including the mitochondrial and Y chromosomes + 3 billion data points encompassing all genetic variants)
Wellness and Longevity Report (view sample)
Access to the Genome Explorer v3

Step 3: Genotyping-informed health and longevity coaching

Your whole genome analysis will inevitably contain good news and bad news, but nothing in it has to be a death sentence. Our team will dive into the ocean of data about you that the sequencing reveals while considering everything we've learned about you; your lifestyle, habits, diet, and history.Health coachingYou'll receive a personalized longevity blueprint/action plan from our team based upon cross-referencing our work with your data in the Genome Explorer v3, what we've learned in the discovery conversations, your consultations with the health-focused expert team in the 4th month of the program, and your Biohacking preferences. The essential takeaways from the longevity blueprint will be included in your Anakainōsis book.

Your genetic analysis will conspicuously red-flag problematic genes

Red flag genes

The real value of personalized genetic analysis is the insight into the potential health disasters looming in your future...

What to do about your problematic genes

GENOTYPING: Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about genotyping not answered here?

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